Our window systems

The things you love should also be protected! Regardless of whether they’re modern, flush fitted on both sides, classic, or rustic; all types of Katzbeck windows (including lift and slide doors) have been inspected according to the high-security RC2 design.
As such, you can rest assured that the things you hold dear are safe!

LINEAflat – Wood/aluminium

Wood/aluminium window system, flush-mounted inside and out, in an angular, cubic design that satisfies the requirements of modern architecture with its look, durability and efficiency.

LINEA – Wood/aluminium

Wood/aluminium window system, flush-mounted on the outside, in an angular, cubic design that convinces with its premium look, particular durability and maximum energy efficiency.

DESIGN – Wood/aluminium

Modern wood/aluminium window with a premium look and recessed, straightforward design that blends maximum energy efficiency with unbeatable security and exceptional comfort.

COMBINA – Wood/aluminium

Universally versatile wood/window in classic/traditional design that convinces with its particular wood thickness and the stability of its casements, frame and fittings.

COMBINApassiv – Wood/aluminium

The ‘strongest’ wood/aluminium window in our range catches the eye with its solid heft, blending classic design with particular wood thickness and the extraordinary stability of all components.

COMBINAfire – Wood/aluminium

Wood/aluminium window with integrated and certified fire protection (EI30) and unbeatable thermal insulation in a classic, timeless design, ensuring security and comfort in your own four walls.


Classic wooden windows in traditional design, engineered for particular solidity, robustness and durability thanks to their sophisticated design and the substantial thickness of their wood.

MASSIVApassiv – Wood

The sturdiest of our wooden windows is rightly considered a ‘powerhouse’ thanks to its solid structure, sophisticated engineering and its exceptionally robust design.

MASSIVAfire – Wood

Classic wooden window in timeless design that combines certified fire protection (EI30) with unbeatable thermal insulation to impart a sense of comfort and security.

FIXflat – All-glass system

The innovative all-glass system delivers unbeatable energy efficiency even without a frame, crossing the boundary between inside and out thanks to its truly expansive design.

Window hardware

Our range of window hardware includes the following areas: Insect screens, windowsills, sash bars, fittings, handles and son blinds.