We attach importance
to our memberships

Quality guidelines for windows and glazed facades

Many of the prestigious Austrian manufacturers of doors and windows cooperate in the Plattform Fenster und Fensterfassaden (Windows and Glazed Facade Platform) to draft unbiased and industry-specific quality guidelines for their products. Among others, the platform aims to convert the main standards, requirements and state-of-the-art into easily comprehensible, condensed ‘Quality Guidelines’.

It also publishes topical leaflets on additional issues with direct relevance to the delivery and installation of doors and windows, e.g. possible causes of condensation, thermography of buildings, thermal stress fracture in glazing, as well as a leaflet containing a step-by-step guide on how to install screed without causing follow-on damage to windows.

Experts and assessors frequently refer to these documents for the evaluation of any defects, as they provide all relevant contents in a clearly structured form. Consumers also use them to appraise the quality of their windows and doors.

KATZBECK is a member of innovative gebäude©

As a member of innovative gebäude© (formerly IG Passivhaus), KATZBECK is committed to excellent implementation of the passive house standard for windows and doors in Austria.

Holzforschung Austria

KATZBECK cooperates with Austria’s largest research and test institute for wood products, windows and doors, with which it conducts continuous function tests, water tightness tests, climactic chamber tests and others on its window and door systems.

Holzcluster Steiermark

A network partner to Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH, KATZBECK is committed to implementing ‘TIMBER IDEAS’ within a collaborative framework.

TU Graz

For decades now, the laboratory for construction physics at TU Graz has been among the most prestigious addresses in Austria to conduct systemic testing on windows on doors, to identify sound insulation values and to measure or calculate thermal insulation values. This is why KATZBECK is delighted to draw on the profound experience at TU Graz.