MASSIVA – Wooden front doors

Home cooking or haute cuisine?

Everyone has their favourite kinds of food. But you need to come in through the door before sitting down at the table. And it must reflect personal preferences as well.

So it’s good that the MASSIVA models cater to a broad range of styles, from rustic to modern. So coming home will be to everyone’s taste!

Solid and innovative, these door systems keep what they promise: The defining features in the front doors from the MASSIVA are high stability thanks to solid, thick wood, as well as ideal thermal insulation.

We love the environment around us & and take responsibility

Our timber comes from sustainable and mainly local forests. But we take environmental awareness to an entirely different level. Besides a solar power system for green electricity, we also have several electric vehicles and a charging station for e-bikes and electric cars.

We guarantee the highest safety standards

Ensuring that our windows and doors satisfy rigorous safety standards is our number one priority. To make certain that you always feel safe with windows and doors by KATZBECK.

We offer ideal
energy characteristics

High-tech windows let plenty of light and warmth into the home, and make sure the heating energy remains precisely where it is. The optimised properties of KATZBECK windows are reflected in their excellent photometric and radiant values.

MASSIVA – Front door models

Door hardware

It’s the matching hardware that brings your front door to life. Katzbeck offers you an extensive hardware programme and is delighted to assist you in your selection.


Exposed fittings

Lock systems