Sash bars

Different styles of sash bar are used to introduce visual subdivision into larger glass surfaces.

Adhesive sash bars

This type of sash bar is affixed to the window pane using a special adhesive tape; a permanently elastic sealant then seals the contact surface with the glass. This variant is very cost-efficient. From a thermal insulation perspective, it is also the recommended method of dividing larger glass surfaces into small visual units method, as it leaves the integrity of the glass itself intact. Adhesive sash bars are available in widths of 32 and 52 mm.

Integrated sash bars

On request, anodized or powder-coated aluminium sash bars in widths of 8-45 mm can also be installed in the cavity (between the outer and middle pain in triple glazing) of the insulation windows. This makes it significantly easier to clean the windows.

Glass separator sash bars

Solid, glass separator sash bars are used when broader sash bars are requested or stable glass separation is necessary.

Examples of sash bars